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19 Awesome Braids To Try This Winter

Warning: May Cause Major Hair Envy

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1. This fiery ombre:

2. This bridal look with a hidden braid inside:

3. These big Dutch braids:

4. These big warm curls:

5. This beautiful silver crown:

6. This long classic braid with a flower:

7. This fishtail braid with delicate flowers:

8. This textured red style:

9. These pastel buns:

10. This filled out fishtail:

11. Mix and match braid sizes:

12. And textures:

13. This two toned braid:

14. This pretty in pink half updo:

15. These glittery roots:

16. This big braided bun:

17. This mermaid fishtail braid:

18. This long silver look:

19. Why pick just one?

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