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    6 True Facts About Labor Day You Probably Didn't Know

    If you're lucky, you might have a long weekend for Labor Day, a holiday celebrated during the first weekend in September. But do you know what Labor Day's all about? Read on for some fun facts about this all-American holiday:

    1. No One Knows Who Started Labor Day

    ILGWU Local 62 marches in a Labor Day parade.

    2. Labor Day Takes Place On Monday - By Law!

    Clowns and a band perform at a labor day celebration in Colorado, 1940

    3. The First Labor Day Parade Was A Huge Party - And Almost A Huge Disaster

    Labor Day Parade, Union Square, New York, 1882

    4. Labor Day Wasn't Always Called Labor Day

    A banner for the Coalition of Labor Union Women

    5. Labor Day Has A Violent & Political Origin Story

    Violence in Chicago escalated when federal troops came to break the 1894 Pullman factory strike, as illustrated in this drawing from Harper's Weekly

    6. Not Everyone Gets Labor Day Off

    John Edwards visits Chicago to join striking Congress Plaza Hotel workers on the picket line.