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John Buccigross’ 10 Commandments Of Hockey

John Buccigross loves hockey. And so does Labatt Blue. Together, they’re raising awareness for sled hockey with Labatt’s Pass It Forward initiative. Learn more today!

You know John Buccigross, right? He's an extremely awesome hockey broadcaster and writer.

We met up with him at the South Windsor Arena to talk hockey and his partnership with Labatt Blue to raise awareness for sled hockey. Here are his rules:

1. On when the whistle shouldn't be blown:

2. On sled hockey:

"Thou shalt watch lots of sled hockey. #SledSauce"

“The term sauce in hockey is when you make a real nice little pass. The puck goes up in the air and then lays flat and goes to the guy and he scores. It’s like if your stick is here, then I throw it just over your stick a little bit, like a little saucer. It’s short for saucer pass, and it lays flat and then this guy scores so it’s a little sauce.”

3. On where to sit:

4. On cheering the loudest:

"Thou shalt cheer the loudest when the glass breaks from a slapshot. #ClapBomb"

"They call a slapshot a 'clapper' — or a really good one a 'clapbomb.' It's like a feat of strength. They come on, sweep it up, put a new piece of glass in, and keep playing."

5. On what to understand about sled hockey players:

6. On what to remember during a shootout:

"Thou shalt not dump or chase during a shootout...or Riverdance."

"Dump and chase is when you dump [the puck] in a corner and go after it, then chase after it and pass it on because you might not be the most skilled."

7. On when to cheer for the underdog:

8. On players making dumb mistakes:

"Thou shalt not hit the puck with a high stick. It's not allowed. Stop it."

"If it's up there, ya just can't do it. Use your glove or watch it go by."

9. On what should change:

"Thou shalt think goals. #MakeNetsBigger"

"The nets are too small. Not enough goals are being scored. Just a little bigger. Like, an inch on either side. Goalies are big!"

10. On what you should never do at a game:

And a bonus: