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14 Signs You're A Bharatnatyam Dancer

Calling all those who've heard, "Elbows up! Knees to the Side! SIT LOWER!" far too much. Bharatnatyam as seen through the eyes of some of the dancers who will be performing at Laasya 2015; the nation's premiere Indian classical dance competition taking place in Meany Hall at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Laasya 2015 4 years ago

Why Seattle Is Amazing!!!

Seattle has many things to offer, but here are some reasons you should look forward to your stay in Not-so-sunny Seattle!

Laasya 2015 4 years ago

Reasons You Want To Be A Laasya Liaison

UW is hosting Laasya 2015 Don't know what that is? Check out our Facebook page Once you do read this to find out how you can get involved in the best way possible

Laasya 2015 5 years ago