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10 Ways to Help You Adjust to College

Do well and have fun

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1. Study every day

It is important to keep up with the material you are learning so that you can be ready for exams

2. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule

Not maintaining a proper sleeping schedule can have a negative impact on your grades

3. Go to class everyday

Although some days going to class can be difficult, it is beneficial in the long run to go to class everyday

4. Manage your time wisely

Procrastination will cause unnecessary stress

5. Use assistant instructors as resources

Going to extra practice sessions can help you understand the material better

6. Read the syllabus and keep it on hand

Keeping a syllabus handy will help you be aware of upcoming due dates

7. Make friends in your classes

Establishing connections in your classes can help you form study groups

8. Read the textbooks

College differs from High School because a lot of learning is held outside of the class on your own time

9. Don't be afraid to try new things

College is a time of trial and error

10. Practice stress management

Practicing stress relief techniques such as exercise, yoga, and deep breathing can help reduce your stress levels

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