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If You Love The Great Outdoors, Here Are 13 Stunning Hikes, Trails, And Views That'll Put Hong Kong On Your Travel List

Featuring extinct volcanos, star gazing spots, waterfalls, and soooo much more.

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1. Scale across Shek O Peak on the Dragon's Back mountain ridge trail. From the lush countryside to the coastal cliffs, enjoy a totally immersive panoramic view from the top.

Scenic coastal view from a hill with a wooden trail leading down towards a village and beach

2. Go star gazing in the garden at Tai Hang Tun on the Clear Water Bay Peninsula. The mountains block the glow of Kowloon's city lights, and on clear nights, you can spot the constellations at the top of your coastal hike.

Person with a camera on a tripod under a starry sky, standing near a traditional structure

3. Hike above the clouds at Tai Mo Shan — which is Hong Kong's highest peak and an extinct volcano. On a clear day, almost the entirety of Hong Kong can be seen if you stand at the top.

Hilltop with winding path and transmission towers, shrouded in mist

4. Catch the sunset atop the aptly named Sunset Peak on Lantau Island. It's Hong Kong's third highest peak, so you'll get a great view of the ocean.

Sunset over a mountainous landscape with silhouetted hikers on a trail

5. Explore Tai Lam Country Park, which features 12 different hiking trails — one of which leads to the Reservoir Islands Viewpoint, where you can check out the "thousands" of islands dotting the water.

Aerial view of a series of small islands surrounded by turquoise waters

6. Snap some gorgeous pics at one of Hong Kong's most breathtaking waterfalls, Bride's Pool in Plover Country Park.

7. Slow down and enjoy iconic views of the city by walking the Eagle's Nest Nature Trail, where the mountains meet sprawling Kowloon.

Panoramic view of a sprawling cityscape with skyscrapers, surrounded by mountains under a clear sky

8. Tune into nature by "forest bathing" at Lung Fu Shan Country Park. This small park is the perfect way to escape hectic city life, by slowing down and taking it all in.

Pathway in a tranquil forest with people walking in the distance

9. Grab a paddle at the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. Kayaking is a cool way to explore the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region, where you'll be able to float by stunning scenery and sea caves.

10. Escape to the mountains of Tung Lung Chau, a small island popular for thrill seekers who rock climb against the coastline.

Person rock climbing a steep cliff above the sea

11. Dive into the geological wonders of Tung Ping Chau, a remote island home to ancient rock formations, turquoise waters, and a ton of coral.

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12. Ride through history by cycling from Tuen Mun to Sha Tin, where you'll bike by ancient temples and monuments like Hau Kok Tin Hau Temple.

13. Last but not least, take a break by hitting the white sands of Shek O Beach, hidden in the serene Shek O Village. Or keep it moving by paddleboarding or kayaking!

Beach scene with visitors under umbrellas, some lounging on chairs, with ocean backdrop

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