This Canadian Kid Is Going Viral For Being Exhausted And It's Completely Relatable

    *heavy sigh*

    Sunday night through Monday morning, parts of Ontario and Quebec were reminded that we are still very much a winter country when as much as 50cm of snow fell.

    A resident cleans snow in front of a snow-covered car in a driveway.

    A lot of stories coming out of the storm were those of collaboration and camaraderie – including these bus passengers who helped push themselves out of some snow:

    Twitter: @datEvagirl

    Here's hoping they are now on the TTC payroll.

    And then there's Carter.

    Carter Trozzolo may look like your average kid enjoying a snow day. He's got a toque, a warm jacket and surrounded by fresh powder.

    But looks can be deceiving.

    The reporter started his story with: "If you didn't have a machine to move the snow, you probably found it a bit..." to which Carter replied:

    Carter then goes on to explain that shovelling snow is actually worse than being in school, in his eyes:

    And not only is he shovelling for his family he's also shovelling for:

    And of course...

    We must protect Carter at all costs. Carter is us. We are Carter.

    You can watch the entire 32 seconds of glory here:

    One of my favourite kids was on the news tonight in Toronto and I have officially died. I’m dead. The name plate alone. Gold.

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