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    Top Phrases Juul Fein's And Users Can Relate To

    The new trend of "Juuling" has increased among many non-cigarette smokers which is the exact opposite purpose of the device. Here are signs you or someone around you may be addicted.

    1. "Only a Pod a Day!"

    Pax / Via

    Nicotine levels in one Juul pod contains an equivalent amount to one whole pack of cigarettes. A fein could typically use a whole pod within the night on the town as a Juul pods contain about 200 puffs.

    2. "Where Is My Juul?!?!"

    Kaitlin Reilly / Via

    Have you ever heard this question or thought this to yourself? If your heart stops when you can't find your Juul, this is a fein move! Feins will stop everything that they are doing, and destroy their environment just to find their Juul.

    3. "Which Flavor Should I Get Today?"

    West Coast Vape Supply / Via

    Mint or mango today? A tough question all feins have asked themselves at one point at checkout. Flavor preference varies, but a typical Juul user chooses between the two most popular flavors.

    4. "Hold On, I Have to Charge My Juul..."

    Toro Imports / Via

    When being on red is worse then being on read, this is a fein move! Fein's WILL find a way to charge their Juul to full capacity. Feins will have charging their Juul high on their priority list for the day.

    5. "I'm Going to Stop Soon!"

    kacedawggg / Via

    What most users who should never have started in the first place might say. I bet if you looked in their trash bin, car, and or room you'll find at least a pod or two...

    6. "Can I Have My Juul Back!?"

    Rachata Teyparsit / Via

    Have you ever tried being nice by letting someone use your precious Juul, and then that person takes their sweet time before giving it back? This might be one of the most frustrating things a Juul fein has to deal with. Deep inside the fein is going mentally insane, so just give it back. It may be for your own good.

    7. "I Just Use it Because of The Convenience"

    Jared / Via

    The Juul is one of the most convenient e-ciggarettes on the market, and visually looks much more casual then being a vape god. Just take out the old pod and pop in a fresh one. Juul's are about pocket size, and this allows feins to take it on the go very easily.

    8. "Bathroom Break"

    anonymous post on forum / Via

    A Juul fein will go to any distance to hit their Juul. Even if it means the restroom. You might catch a fein or two smoking in the restrooms, and at least attempting to be somewhat respectful to their current setting.

    9. "It's a Better Alternative" / Via

    Is it really though? We all make excuses for why we do certain things. Juul feins will always back up their addiction with this phrase.

    10. "Fresh Pods Are The Best Pods!"

    Jeremy Mann / Via

    A Juul fein will agree that "a fresh pod just hit's different". A fresh four pack will make any fein the happiest. Fein's won't be angry about the first pod gone, because they know there is still three more to go!

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