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    9 Costume Ideas For A Very 90s Halloween

    If it's 2016, why does it still feel like 1996? Anyway, this Halloween, throwback to your childhood days when things were easier with these nine fly/fresh/dope costume ideas.

    1. The Spice Girls

    2. Hocus Pocus

    3. Stick Stickly

    4. Full House

    5. Clueless

    6. Tamagotchi

    7. Recess

    8. Rugrats

    9. The (other) Spice Girls

    So which one of these 90s-inspired looks is your favorite? Protip: go back and watch some of your favorite TV shows and movies from the decade for more inspiration — a lot can be done with just an outfit and a hairstyle. Plus, nostalgic audiences are easily impressed

    Happy Halloween!