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The 10 Most Romantic Cities On Earth

Looking to add a little romance to your love life? Take a look at 10 cities that will, without a doubt, turn you into a hopeless romantic. And for a romantic getaway in your own home, make it a perfect night with K-Y Date Night.

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10. Venice, Italy

Axel Fassio / Getty Images

Venice is one city that is especially famous for its breathtaking sights and romantic experiences. And no trip to Venice would be complete without a Gondola ride. Make sure you add it to your list of must-dos while you're there.

Most Romantic Thing To Do: Take A Gondola Ride

DNY59 / Getty Images

Seriously, what could be more romantic than riding down the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola? And maybe you'll even be lucky enough to have a singing gondelier.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Jason Hawkes / Getty Images

Dubbed the most beautiful city in Spain, Barcelona is the perfect place to take a romantic getaway. C'mon, haven't you seen ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’?

Romantic Activity: Hot Air Balloon Ride

gongzstudio / iStockphoto / Getty Images

What better way to explore one of the most romantic cities in the world than 3,000 feet above the ground with a panoramic view? You'll be sure to see things you never would have otherwise.

8. Florence, Italy

wjarek / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Italy's got it all when it comes to romance. With seaside villages, beautiful countrysides and gorgeous views, it's no surprise this country made the list twice.

Romantic Feature: The Boboli Gardens

Perseomed / iStockphoto / Getty Images

With stunning pink roses covering remarkably green bushes, the Boboli gardens of Florence certainly resemble something out of a fairytale.

7. Kyoto, Japan

Steve Allen / Getty Images

This is a city that's all about tradition. While you're there, make sure to stay in a traditional ryokan and bathe at an authentic bath house like Funaoka. Another popular attraction is a day trip to Nara, where you can feed deer by hand.

Romantic Thing To Do: Visit A Japanese Garden

Laurie Noble / Getty Images

One must see is the Kyoto Botanical Garden. With beautiful lawns and miles of flowers, it's the perfect place to take a stroll with the one you love.

6. Bruges, Belgium

Ivan Sedlak / iStockphoto / Getty Images

This is one place that's all about the romance. The best way to experience this city is by foot since everything is in walking distance. Soak it all up by taking a walk on the city streets and having a beer in the oldest cafe.

Most Romantic Thing To Do: Take A Carriage Ride

Krzysztof Dydynski / Getty Images

During summer evenings, Bruges' gold-topped buildings tend to shimmer in the late sun. So, naturally, a carriage ride through the streets is the perfect way to end the day with your special someone.

5. Fez, Morocco

enisy / iStockphoto / Getty Images

It's easy to be seduced by the beauty of Fez. Morocco’s ancient fortress city is famous for its maze-like alleyways, tiled mosques and luscious tea gardens.

Romantic Spot To Stay: Sofitel Palais Jamai

Adam Woolfitt/Robert Harding / Getty Images

If you're looking to make your getaway spectacular, this hotel has romance dripping out of every orifice. Located in the heart of the imperial city of Fes, Morocco, the breathtaking views over the medina and riads make this hotel the perfect spot for couples.

4. Jaipur, India

Robert Bremec / iStockphoto / Getty Images

This intensely romantic city has a history that dates back to the 17th century and is filled with old-world charm. While you're there, take a ride on an elephant around the pink city, because there's just nothing more romantic than riding a giant animal with your lover.

Most Romantic Thing To Do: Take An Elephant Ride

Kimberley Coole / Getty Images

There's nothing that keeps the spark alive like trying new and adventurous things. And what better place to do so than Jaipur, India, where you can explore the city via the back of an elephant.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Spencer Grant / Getty Images

One unqiue and romantic way to discover the city of Lisbon is by taking a ride on the Santa Justa Elevator. This incredible iron lift sits in the center of the city and provides an intense view of the city’s skyline, especially at sunset.

Take A Romantic Ride: Santa Justa Elevator

Guy Vanderelst / Getty Images

Ranked #4 out of 14 things to you must do in Lisbon, the Santa Justa Elevator is one attraction that takes romance to great heights. The view from the top truly encapsulates Lisbon as one of the world's most seductive and romantic cities.

2. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Jeremy Woodhouse / Getty Images

For those who like their romance on the wild side, Monte Carlo is the place to be. With tons of activities like racing cars, sports tournaments and high-stakes gambling, the excitement doesn't stop once you leave the bedroom.

Romantic Side Trip: The Princess Grace Rose Garden

Glowimages / Getty Images

The Princess Grace Rose Garden, named after the late Grace Kelly, is located in the charming marina along the sea in Fontieveille and is listed as one of the world's most romantic places to get engaged.

1. Paris, France

Jon Arnold / Getty Images

Filled with rich food, glamorous fashion, and countless charming boutiques, Paris is the perfect place to explore with the one you love and maybe even tie the knot?

Romantic Spot To Eat: Dinner In The Eiffel Tower

Thomas Craig / Getty Images

Delicious food and breathtaking views? It doesn't get better. Located on the tower's first level, Le 58 Tour Eiffel's large windows and one of a kind views of the Trocadero area of Paris truly make it special. And your evening doesn't have to end there! Top it off with a River Cruise on the Seine River and a show at the Moulin Rouge.