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14 Reasons To Have Valentine's Day At Home This Year

Restaurants don't care about your love. Avoid the insanity of the 14th and make it a perfect night with K-Y Date Night.

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1. Your apartment's never booked up a month in advance.

2. There are no prix fixe menus...

3. ...that often contain something you'd never order ever ever — WHAT IS THIS EVEN?

4. The wine isn't bottled in gold.

5. Flower salesmen are nowhere to be found.

6. It isn't packed with couples proving they're the most fun.

7. Thankfully, home is a glorious place where you can do whatever you want.

8. You won't get side-eye for drinking straight out of the bottle.

9. Want to eat with your hands? GO RIGHT AHEAD.

10. You can open champagne corks with as much dramatic flair as you want.

11. You can cover the whole living room with candles, and no "restaurant fire codes" can stop you.

12. Of course you can cover everything with rose petals.

13. No one minds if you eat your food all sexy like.

14. And you'll be dining right next door to your bedroom.

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