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What I wish I would've known entering college

When I entered college a huge weight was put on my shoulder. I became stressed with the mentality that I had to be successful, and make my family proud. I’m proud of my background and everything I have and will have is because of my family especially my mom, but there is things I wish I would've known before I embarked into my higher education. I’m now a senior in my last semester of college, and as I reflect on my college experience here are some things I wish I would've know:

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When I entered college I had the mindset of “ how can I make the most money fast.” WRONG. This was hands down the worst thing that I could have told myself. If you do something for money you will be miserable, and you will HATE IT. My advice for your first year of college would be to join organizations that you are interested in and try to pinpoint what you’re passionate about.


This is probably the best thing I can tell you. I know so MANY people who went into careers influenced by their parents, and trust me they aren’t happy. Talk to your parents and tell them that although you respect their advice you want to do something that makes you happy. I know more than anyone that family can put you under unnecessary stress. Focus on your dreams and what you want your future to look like. Trust me your parents will be happy to see you happy.


This shadows my first point, but I would like to elaborate further. Joining an organization will not only help you pinpoint your passion it will also help open doors for you. When you join a club that correlates with your career you can network with people who are in the same field. When you enter the workforce you will quickly learn that it’s about who you know. Being part of a club exposes you to alumni who are already in your career or choice. This give you the opportunity to sell yourself and make a lasting impression.


When you get to college you will meet people from all backgrounds. There will be people from all demographics and socioeconomics backgrounds. Do not let this discourage you. At the beginning it will seem that the playing level is not even, especially for minorities and people who don’t come from money. For the most part the playing field isn’t even but you will eventually learn that you can make a leveled pathway for yourself. I’ve had a job since I was a junior in high school and I also worked through college. At times it seemed like the world was not on my side, and I often thought that it wasn’t fair that people with more money than me could focus on just school and not focus on financial problems. At times It seemed that everyone was getting things handed while I had to work my butt off and struggle just for a quarter of what they had. What I know now is that building a work ethic is invaluable and will benefit you immensely in the future. You will always get respect from others because of your work ethic, and this is something that will set your apart when you enter the workforce. Employers will always ask you about it and be impressed that you were able to be a full-time student while maintaining a job.


My last piece of advice for someone with a similar background is….. just have fun. I’m sitting on my bed at 22 years old, and as I’m reminiscing over the past semesters of my college experience all I can think about is the fun memories I’ve had. Remember to always make the most of what you have. For most people this is the only time you will have to be selfish, and not feel guilty about it. You will never be this young again. So embrace it! Skip class that Friday to enjoy the beach ‘cause the weathers nice. Buy all the 5 dollar starbucks drink you want ‘cause why not? Binge watch the newest Netflix original! Hang out with your friends and family as much as possible, and finally don’t take everything so seriously. Life is way too short to be mad or jealous of what others have. Remember to appreciate what you have and always go after your dreams.

Other things to remember:

Do not apply for that credit card, look for the online pdf version, and choose your roommates wisely!!!!

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