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Top Tips For A Fleeky Instagram Profile

Sometimes we need a little guidance. If you want to have a killer Instagram profile, up your friend count, become more attractive (online), or go viral, read on.

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1. Post the right type of photo

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Be mysterious, be candid. Maybe have someone else take the photo of you so it doesn't seem as posed. This way, your profile will seem much more realistic and relatable for your viewers, increasing their interaction on your profile. This also includes not over-editing the photo. Mamma was right when she told you that less is more!

2. Understand there is a right time to post

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It's true, the rate of online interaction among social media users changes throughout the day. It's important to know what timeframe of the day it is that social media really acts as an expression of participatory culture. Some say that this key timeframe is when people settle down for the night, perhaps after they have had their nightly tea and are in the mood for some online love.

3. Refrain from hashtag overkill

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#this #is #not #cute. Follow the pre-established, yet un-written, rules of online social media etiquette. Do not over-hashtag, understand that the caption will make or break the photo, and do not post too much or too little. You must follow these invisible user guidelines or you will not make the cut in the Instagram world.

4. Follow a visual theme that's appealing to the eye

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Consistency is key! Followers tend to be much more active and loyal when they are rewarded with a consistent feed from you. Think of it like this: the more you work for them by posting rich and consistent content, the more they work for you through their participation, interaction, and best of all- their likes. Remember, the more followers you have, the more likely you are to go viral and have your content spread like nothing else!

5. Be conscious of what photos you're tagged in


Social media is no longer only a self-desciptive tool. Your Instagram account is a dynamic representation of you through your own content and through other user's content. Avoid making enemies because there is nothing worse than Instagram blackmail through that really unflattering photo from last night.

6. ...give up

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Maybe just delete the app all together and socialize in person like our parents did.

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