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Well, This Is Awkward For All Of Us

Gregg Popovich's players are dropping like flies, and he thinks your questions are dumb.

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Gregg Popovich is notorious for not giving a cold got-damn about any of the NBA's many unwritten rules — playing your stars on national TV, for example. And now he's continuing his lifelong quest to make even more of a mockery of the in-game interview than it already is.

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The Spurs were down by 11 against the Thunder at the start of the second quarter. And right from the start of Popovich's chat with Craig Sager, you could tell he wasn't interested.

Sager's first question was about Tim Duncan: "how hesitant are you to take him out of the game?" Pop's response: "I can't play him 48." And then:

God. Just watch Sager nod like a doofus.

Next question: "Who has to step up to replace Manu?" Pop: "Manu's not here."

Ahhh. AHHHH.

Last question: "So whoever you put out there?" Pop: "You looked at them." AND SCENE.

Great interview, guys. A+

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