Weirdest Play Ever Features A Punt Block, Interception, And Touchdown

    In today's Tampa Bay - Kansas City fiasco, this play happened, ruining football forever.

    The Chiefs are incredibly bad. Like, really, really terrible. And they showed it today against the Tampa Bay Bucs, losing 38-10 behind a 2-interception, 0-TD effort from Brady Quinn. But they did score one touchdown, and it was weird. Here, in four steps, I'll teach you how to accomplish the Weirdest Play Ever.

    Step 1: Block a punt.

    Step 2: Let the punter get the ball back.

    Step 3: Intercept it when that punter tosses an awful punter-pass. Or recover the fumble when he fumbles. This is kind of a hybrid interception-fumble. An interumble.

    Step 4: Take it back for a touchdown. Dive enthusiastically.

    Voila! You just completed the weirdest play ever.

    Here's video of the whole bizarre thing: