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    Watch A Feature-Length Film About Dennis Rodman Playing Basketball With Dwarves

    "This team of little people has street ball credentials and tricks that would make the Globetrotters stop and take notes. They are faced with a challenge in a local basketball tournament. With Dennis Rodman."

    I just... I don't know. According to IMDB, the movie came out in 2009. There's one review:

    An inspiring tale, full of great music and some funny moments. The messages here: believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and never give up. Four dwarf men want to raise money for the son of one of the men to go to college, so they form a basketball team and get Dennis Rodman to join them. Rodman's agent (the funny Richard Portnow) encourages them, as it will improve his image and make them money. (Though of course he's not above exploiting the dwarfs for an embarrassing ad endorsement!)There's a cow-obsessed gal from Paris (...Texas); the dwarf waitress who befriends the smallest of them, Chevy ; his Worm-ness himself, and Chevy, (Gabriel Pimental)who thinks a risky limb-lengthening operation would help him. Can this ragtag team of little guys win?Fast paced action and catchy music enlivens the story, which is suitable for all ages.

    I made it through about seven minutes. The movie has the production values of an infomercial.