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Two NFL Cheerleaders Shaved Their Heads To Support Cancer-Stricken Coach

After the Colts raised more than $22,000 toward leukemia research in support of coach Chuck Pagano, Megan M. and Crystal Anne committed in a very visible way.

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This is Megan M. (left) and Crystal Anne (right). Both women are cheerleaders for the Indianapolis Colts, whose coach, Chuck Pagano, is battling leukemia.

The Colts have made a huge priority of supporting Coach Pagano and, by extension, leukemia research.

Earlier this season, players, including star rookie QB Andrew Luck, shaved their heads to show solidarity with their coach.

And today, after the team raised more than $22,000 toward leukemia research, Megan and Crystal Anne took the same step.

Both women had their heads shaved during the game and then went back to cheering afterward.

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Joe Robbins / Getty Images

Coach Pagano was at the game, and you could see how much the support seemed to mean to him. Here he mouths "thank you" to the crowd.

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Video of the event can be seen below.