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The Nets Got Trolled By Knicks Fans

The Knicks embarrassed their Brooklyn rivals tonight in Madison Square Garden. Maybe the Nets should've tried to sign Jeremy Lin?

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The Nets lost to the Knicks tonight 100-86, but it didn't even feel that close — the Knicks just killed the Nets across the board, taking a 2-1 lead in the season series. If you want a quick representation of how the game felt for the Nets, look no further than these two GIFs.

Second, we have small forward Gerald Wallace, one of the Nets' most tenacious and well-rounded players, spinning into the paint and... airballing a one-handed put.

You can see Wallace grimace at the end of the GIF. Understandable, because that shot was really, really bad.


Things got so rough that the MSG crowd taunted the Nets with their own signature cheer. You can hear it below: "Brooooklyn, Broooooklyn."

After starting the season 14-7, the NBA's newest franchise is 2-8 in the month of December. And of course, the voices are beginning to call out on Twitter to fire Nets coach Avery Johnson, including this guy, who, uh, started a petition (???) to make it happen. (This is the type of thing that was created for, right?)

Anyone that wants Avery fired, please repost this link. #FireAvery

Anyone that wants Avery fired, please repost this link. #FireAvery Mike King

The Nets and Knicks play again January 21. Until then, Brooklyn can think about these airballs.

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