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Twitter Thinks Ryan Bailey Is Really Hot

The 6'4" American sprinter qualified for the 100m finals. In doing so, he also gained a legion of admiring fans.

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This is Ryan Bailey.

Twitter likes Ryan Bailey.

A lot.

Lee Jin-man / AP

It's always funny to watch people discover an athlete in real time.

Some were moved so far as to rank him over golden boy Ryan Lochte.

There's always hope.


One person had a creative interpretation of his performance.

Fortunately, that is his thing!

Dude was rocking a fearsome bodysuit.

Alex Livesey / Getty Images


Michael Steele / Getty Images

Bailey should trademark "Rassin Hotty" ASAP.


"What a spice."

Definitely not just you.

And my personal favorite, though it's of a slightly different tenor: