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    Posted on Apr 22, 2013

    This Tattoo Is Making My Eyes Bleed

    Gahhhh it's so horrible make it go awayyyyy

    Twitter user @ivan_ecus directed this tweet at Chicago Bulls reserve point guard/pint-sized basketball firecracker Nate Robinson. It is a tattoo of Nate Robinson. It is... atrocious.

    Nothing against poor Ivan, who I'm sure is a great guy. But this thing looks like a pretzel wearing a Japanese No mask trying to dunk a football into a rock wall.

    This is real-life Nate Robinson. He looks nothing like that tattoo. In fact, there is nothing that looks less like that tattoo than Nate Robinson. Even better: he's wearing a Knicks jersey in the tat.

    Mike Stobe / Getty Images

    No Face is very sad that this tattoo might be confused for him. No Face is happy that it makes it seem like he can dunk, though.

    H/T to Tim Ryan at The Big Lead