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    The Worst Actor In The World

    One of the NBA's best players showed last night that he should probably stick to basketball.

    You can't accuse Chris Paul of not doing all he could to try and prevent last night's shocking Clippers loss to Sacramento. Unfortunately, that effort involved this: one of the most egregious flops of all time.

    Let's zoom in a bit to confirm. Yeah — that is Chris Paul pushing off of DeMarcus Cousins' enormous chest and acting like he's been shot. Cousins is mystified.

    Like, Paul has a reputation for flopping, but this is something else. The league may have to fine him twice for this: once for the flop, and once for the ridiculous look on his face.

    Actually, twice for the look on his face. He looks like he just got bit by a gun-wielding alligator.

    For his part, Cousins is completely mystified. I'm not even sure he realizes that Paul is trying to draw a foul at first — his face reads more of total bafflement than anger.

    This is the face of a puzzled man.

    Don't worry though, Chris. You may get fined for this. But next February, we'll see who's laughing.

    Actually, make that a Razzie.