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    The US Men's Basketball Team Is All Like, "Road Trip!!!!!!"

    If they don't win gold, it won't be because they don't get along. Their exhibition tour is basically a caravan of good vibes, and it's all on Instagram .

    1. Team dinner! But where are Russ Westbrook and Kevin Love?

    2. There they are. Except, their presence seems to have activated a filter. And turned Anthony Davis radioactive.

    3. The guys found Kevin Love's twin somewhere. Pretty much every one of them Instagram'd this picture.

    4. Hi!

    5. Future's so bright they need to wear shades, etc. etc.

    6. #GotEm

    7. #GotEm. (Who's that in the background? Melo, is that you?)

    8. #GotEm #Squared. You'd think they'd be encouraging sleep, but whatever.

    9. #GotEm. I like Westbrook's eye-mask.

    10. #GotEm. Durant's caption on this is priceless: "Wake up dere boiiii"

    11. Kevin Love looks confused? Left out? Squinty?

    12. AHHHH *dies*

    13. Making reservations for these dinners must be interesting. "Hello? Hi, I need a table for 12 basketball players. Some of them are seven feet tall. They're all multi-millionaires. There will also be a small white lady. OK, cool."

    14. Bet this general sent D-Will a text afterward that was like, "Hey, you guys better win gold, or I'll send drones after you! LOL." Haha, texting.

    15. All the guys shared this picture too, generally with the hashtag #epic. It is pretty epic. Like, a little too epic. James Harden looks like Tony Montana.

    16. KOBE SIGHTING #based #rare

    17. #GotEm #SteamPunk

    18. Question #1: Is Russ Westbrook wearing cutoff sweats? Question #2: Are they in a middle-school nurse's office?

    19. The Obamas visited the team during halftime of the game against the Dominican Republic. Malia looks the happiest of anyone.

    20. "So, Kevin, is that Ricky Rubio fellow as adorable in real life as he is on Twitter?" "Well, Mr. President, he's basically a teddy bear that speaks Spanish and throws no-look passes."

    21. Love's caption: "About to take the team photo in Barcelona. Did they expect me to have Locks?" No, they just thought you were molting.

    22. Johnny Rockets: great pre-practice food. Maybe this was the meal before they lost to the Select team. (This is their second Instagram-documented trip to Johnny Rockets. I'm concerned.)

    23. How's the Dream Team going to beat the 2012 team IF THEY'VE BEEN TRAPPED INSIDE CANS OF 7up???

    Edit: An earlier version of this story mentioned both Sasha and Malia Obama. Sasha is actually hidden in the photo.