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The Philadelphia Flyers And Pittsburgh Penguins Really Hate Each Other

In case that massive fight didn't convince you, this t-shirt should.

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The Philadelphia Flyers currently hold a three-games-to-none lead on the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round of the NHL playoffs. Although they're the higher seed, the Penguins have allowed 20 goals in three games to the Flyers, and as you might imagine, there's some bitterness among the Penguins leadership. Sidney Crosby, who has spent the last couple seasons alternating between MVP-quality play and the throes of severe concussions, said after Pittsburgh's Game 3 loss that he "[doesn't] like any guy on their team," and instead of taking it lying down, the Flyers have hit back with this shirt.

Why does Sid the Kid have such hard feelings? Might have something to do with this fight, also from Game 3.

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Game 4 takes place tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. in Philadelphia. But don't fret Penguins fans: you still have a... 1.8% chance of winning the series!

OK, you can start fretting.

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