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9-Year-Old Football Star Samantha Gordon Tackled A Hall-Of-Famer Today

Sam Gordon, who's dominating her boys' football league, went on NFL GameDay and showed Warren Sapp and Marshall Faulk what's up.

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Sam Gordon's the coolest. After rising to fame for dominating a boys' football league as her team's quarterback, the 9-year-old went on NFL GameDay to have her game tape broken down by Steve Mariucci, Rich Eisen, Warren Sapp, and Marshall Faulk.

Former coach Steve Mariucci was particularly excited to see her, and generally acted like a clown/patted her head.

Let's see that head pat again. That's a serious head pat.

Sam was having the time of her life, pretty much.

Her best quote? When they asked if she liked defense or offense best, Sam said defense, "because I'm the smallest one out there, plus I'm a girl and I'm tackling all the biggest guys." What do the guys say when she tackles them? "They don't say anything — they kind of just get up and walk away."

After showing her game film, Mariucci had to hilariously turn her back to face the cameras.

Then she tested out her moves on likely Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp —

— and tackled Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk, WITH AUTHORITY.

High fives all around.

Here's the video of her whole appearance. She's born for the spotlight.
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