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The Jets' Season Ends With Like 30 Interceptions And A Lame Fumble

The 2012 New York Jets are just a tremendously embarrassing football team.

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With a wild-card playoff spot still a distant possibility, the New York Jets' season was on the line tonight against the lowly Tennessee Titans. At 4-9, Tennessee is one of the league's worst teams, and their defense is near the bottom in points allowed. Should be a cinch for the Jets, right? Right?

Well, Mark Sanchez went ahead and threw three interceptions. But! Then he got a shot at redemption. Down by 4, the Jets drove into Tennessee territory with about two minutes left....only for Sanchez to throw his fourth interception of the day. At that point, it seemed completely over...but! New York stopped the Titans in four downs and forced a punt, which the Titans punter shanked. All of a sudden, Sanchez had the ball at the Tennessee 25-yard line and 47 seconds to go. Time to cook some of that legendary Sanchez Stew.

That's it. A fumbled snap. That's the Jets' season, ending in one mangled play.

Calling the game for Monday Night Football, Mike Tirico said, "That's the way this game should end, the way the Jets' season should end: ugly, and a loss."

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