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The NBA Pre-Draft Photos Are Goofy

In fact looking at them, I don't really think these guys look like NBA players. They look more like...

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Bradley Beal

Alternate career: Brilliant but troubled mathematician who, while a student at Princeton, makes advances in differential equations that can only be unraveled by his own paranoid schizophrenia. Writes on windows.


Harrison Barnes

Alternate career: Maligned substitute teacher who takes over when the permanent teacher dies in a freak gasoline fight accident, then wins the trust and hearts of his students and leads them to the Iowa State Debate Championship.

Damian Lillard

Alternate career: Eccentric gentleman who sets off on a cross-country adventure to find his beloved bike after it's stolen from him by, I don't know, bandits. (I've never seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure.)

John Henson

Alternate career: Crotchety, sweater-wearing television father who branches off into selling Jell-O pudding before becoming an emblem of old folk who don't understand the kids these days.

Dion Waiters

Alternate career: Singing, dancing failed actor who instead becomes a teacher and helps his school start a Glee club that joins the popular kids and lovable losers together and teaches everyone a bunch of valuable lessons until a bunch of them get pregnant.


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