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The Lakers Are Providing Us With Some Tremendous GIFs

Steve Nash doing "Gangnam Style," some Lakers fan ripping off his Oakleys in ecstasy — it's all here. Best part: NONE OF THEM INVOLVE DWIGHT HOWARD.

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First, we have this GIF via SB Nation's Ryan Hudson. This GIF is so perfect it might make your eyes bleed.

Thanks, Ryan.

I mean, seriously: who the hell are these dudes. How are they possibly real. These aren't questions, they're facts.

This is Steve Nash doing Gangnam Style while sitting down.

Nash is dealing with some injuries, so he's been hanging out behind the Lakers' bench, waiting to be reunited on the court with Mike D'Antoni. After noticing that he was on the Jumbotron, Nash busted out the very #rare seated Gangnam Style, as though he were actually riding a horse. (Steve cares about realism.)


Here's the video, if you're into that sort of thing.

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