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The Dude Who Won The 2013 Boston Marathon Was Racing In Just His Second Marathon Ever


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Hailing from Ethiopia, Lelisa Desisa won today's Boston Marathon in 2 hours, 10 minutes, and 23 seconds. That is very fast, although not as fast as the Boston-record 2:03:02 that Geoffrey Mutai ran in 2011.

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What's most remarkable about this, though, is that the 2013 Boston Marathon was the 23-year-old Desisa's SECOND MARATHON RACE EVER.

AP Photo / AP

HIS SECOND. (In January, he won his debut, the Dubai Marathon, pictured here, in 2:04:45.)

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Meanwhile, the top American was once again Jason Hartmann, who finished fourth. Here he is in 2012, when he also finished fourth.

Michael Dwyer / AP

And 32-year-old Rita Jeptoo won the women's marathon in 2:26:25. She also won Boston in 2006, as seen below, and has been running marathons since 2004 — or nine years longer than Desisa.

Darren McCollester / Getty Images

As for Lelisa Desisa: I look forward to him winning the NFL MVP, Cy Young, and Tour de France in 2014.