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The Breaking Bad Cast Goes Bowling

Nerdist took Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, R.J. Mitte, and Betsy Brandt out to the lanes for a little charity bowling. Meth cookies were possibly consumed.

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Who knew Marie was such an incredible trash-talker? "YOU NEED TO BE ASHAMED TO HAVE OVARIES."

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Ranking the Breaking Bad bowlers:

1. Walter White, unsurprisingly.

2. Jesse Pinkman, who at one point strikes a nice Spiderman pose.

3. Marie Schrader, despite her awesome insults and three strikes in a row. (She later rolls a gutter-ball.)

4. Walter White, Jr., though he's also pretty solid.

Honestly, they're all pretty good. The only person who's awful is Jonah from Nerdist.