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    The Best Part Of Stephen Curry's 54-Point Game Was This Unrequited High Five

    In the process of going to town on the New York Knicks, Stephen Curry had a hell of a lot of fun.

    Stephen Curry hit 11 threes — the most by any player in a 50-point game — during last night's loss to the Knicks. Here's one of them, or three of the 54 total points he scored.

    And Curry was inspired by this particular three. Inspired enough to go flying down the court, arms limp and akimbo, completely missing this proffered high five.

    Let's see that again. He either doesn't see it or ignores it or just has no time for that high five. That is exquisite and bizarre and makes me happy.

    And thanks to for then posing Curry's deranged shimmying next to a classic video of his now coach, Mark Jackson, prancing down the court in celebration back in the Dark Ages.

    Shine on, Stephen Curry. Shine on.