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The Best Father-Child Athletes

Chip off the old block, apple doesn't fall far from the tree, whatever you'd like: important thing is, these kids learned something from their fathers.

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1. Archie and Peyton/Eli Manning

Archie's stats for his career are actually pretty bad — his TD:INT ration is a terrible 125 to 173 — but any of his own flaws are more than compensated for by his two sons. Peyton is one of the greatest quarterbacks who has ever played the game, and Eli is a two-time Super Bowl winner.

2. Bobby and Brett Hull

Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

Bobby and Brett are both hockey Hall of Famers; Bobby's known for his legendary slapshot, and Brett is the only player other than Wayne Gretzky to score 50 goals in 50 games more than once in his career.

4. Muhammad and Laila Ali

Muhammad Ali needs no introduction, and his daughter Laila built a career for herself as one of the best women's boxers of all time, going 24-0 before retiring in 2007. (She was also accused of dodging some of the other best women's boxers.) Since then, she's been a model and public personality.


5. Bobby and Barry Bonds

Eric Risberg / AP

Bobby played 14 seasons in the MLB, the first seven of which with the San Francisco Giants, who would ultimately be the club where Barry Bonds made his enormous mark on the sport. For better and for worse.

6. Gordie and Mark Howe


Another father-son pair of hockey Hall of Fame inductees, Gordie and Mark Howe played a combined 42 NHL seasons between them. Gordie was, insanely, a 23-time All-Star, and a photo of him celebrating a goal while flying through the air is one of the greatest sports photographs of all time.

7. Jelly Bean and Kobe Bryant

Kobe's Kobe, but his father Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant had an impressive career also. He played eight seasons in the NBA and another seven in Italy, giving his son a nice basketball education that helped make him into one of the greatest players of his era.

8. Moises and Felipe Alou

Risberg / AP

Plenty of kids get the opportunity to be coached by their fathers at a little league or high-school level. Not too many have that chance at the professional level, but Felipe has, and his father Moises was a great ballplayer in his own right.


11. Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Mitchell / AP

Dale Earnhardt was one of the greatest NASCAR racers of all time until his death in a tragic accident in 2001, and his son has carried on his legacy on the track, though not with quite the same level of success.

12. Dell and Stephen/Seth Curry

Chuck Burton / AP

Dell Curry was a great NBA sharpshooter, and his sons follow in his foosteps from beyond the three-point arc. But Stephen's also a more complete player, provided he stays healthy. it remains to be seen whether Seth can break into the league; he's going into his senior year at Duke.

13. Doc and Austin Rivers

John Zich / AP

While Austin Rivers hasn't reached the level of most of the other sons on this list, he's likely to be a mid-first rounder in the upcoming NBA Draft. His father Doc had a serviceable career as a point guard, but it's as a coach that he really made his mark, winning an NBA championship and the Coach of the Year award.