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    The Author Of "Friday Night Lights" Spent All His Money On Leather Pants And Nipple Piercings

    Buzz Bissinger loses his damn mind in the pages of GQ.

    In this month's GQ, there's a 6,000-word story by Buzz Bissinger titled "My Gucci Addiction." The story is about Buzz Bissinger's Gucci addiction.

    Bissinger, a 58-year-old sportswriter, is the author of the original Friday Night Lights book. Sportswriters, even the successful ones, generally don't dress like that. Needless to say, 58-year-old men, even the flamboyant ones, don't dress like that. The picture above is a screenshot from the story on GQ's website — you can, and should, and must, read it here.

    It's even crazier than you could possibly imagine: "inches from the runway, waiting for the smooth mannequin boys with surgically removed hips and buttocks swaying like sunglassed Gumbys with the newest designs from creative director Frida Giannini," is something Bissinger actually wrote.

    But if you have one takeaway, it should be this:

    ...The man who wrote Friday Night Lights, a great book about football players in rural Texas...

    ...wait for it ———————————————————————————




    UPDATE: Worry that this could be an April Fools joke derailed by the discovery of this gallery, from last year, that features Bissinger in all manner of leather clothing. Nothing, though, compares to this picture of Buzz in almost-nude repose, with pierced nipples.