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The 25 Best Sports GIFs In The History Of Sports

Context is immensely important in sports. Which is why, when you remove it and turn things into few-second GIFs, they become the funniest things in the world.

1. "A Punter In The Throes Of Horror"

2. "Football In Backhand"

3. "Rejoice, Ye Herald Angels"

4. "Fighting's A Sport"

5. "Tom Brady Will Never Be Alone"

6. "Kyle Boller: A Life"

7. "A Helmet In Repose"

8. "The Chronicles of Narnia"

9. "Insult Added Upon Injury"

10. "Chaos in the Parthenon"

11. "A Condiment Comes A-Strolling By"

12. "Lifting With Myself"

13. "I Have A Drinking Problem"

14. "Curly Hair in Ecstacy"

15. "Portrait of the Fan As a Young Towel Waver"

16. "Duke Football Is Unnatural"

17. "10.0"

18. "Rising From The Depths"

19. "Looking Upon Death"

20. "High Five In Agony"

21. "Climbing Into The Soul Of Mitch Kupchak

22. "Integrity And Honor"

23. "The Most Dangerous Game"

24. "Tyson"

25. "Havoc And Stray Footballs"

Credit to @jon_bois, @bubbaprog, and @jose3030 for being on the cutting edge of sports GIFfery.