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The 11 Biggest Plays Of Super Bowl XLVII

The Ravens came out of the gate strong, the 49ers came back, but then the Ravens sealed the deal. Here's how it happened.

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9. Following a fantastic Ted Ginn punt return and easy Frank Gore TD, the 49ers had narrowed it to 28-20. David Akers missed this FG attempt, but the refs called what happened below running into the kicker. Akers hit his second try.

10. The Ravens would hit a field goal to make it 31-23, but Kaepernick ran the ball in from 15 yards out to give the 49ers a chance to tie. They failed on the two-point conversion, though, meaning they still trailed 31-29.

11. Baltimore hit another field goal, giving them a 34-29 lead. San Francisco drove into the red zone. And then this fourth-down attempt failed, effectively sealing the game. The Ravens became Super Bowl champions.