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    Stephen Curry Attacks The Foot-Taller Roy Hibbert In Crazy NBA Brawl

    Stephen: you're injury-prone already. Please do not do things like this.

    Late in Tuesday's Pacers-Warriors game in Indiana, Roy Hibbert roughly posted up on David Lee in the paint.

    Lee didn't take kindly to that, and he gave Hibbert a nice shove to show his displeasure. Then Hibbert shoved back, and it was all downhill from there.

    It didn't take long for all 10 players to collapse on Lee and Hibbert. And the 6'3" Stephen Curry decided it was a good idea to grab on to the 7'2" Roy Hibbert. It did not end well.


    Curry went at Hibbert again. Reminder: Roy Hibbert is 11 inches taller and 95 pounds heavier than Stephen Curry. Hibbert brushes him off like dandruff.

    And then, in the contemporary version of the NBA's worst nightmare, the players all spill into the stands.

    Here's another angle that shows you just how close to the sidelines, and spectators, that this fight took place.

    The fight pretty much peaks when Lance Stephenson, David West, and Paul George push Steph Curry and Andris Biedrins onto a bunch of bystanders.

    In total,

    Here are the results: techs for Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, and David West, and an ejection for Roy Hibbert. Hibbert and Lee have both been suspended one game by the league.

    Watching this, you can't help but think back to the Malice at the Palace, when Pacers players had altercations with fans in the Pistons' arena in Michigan. This time, though, it happened in Indiana, and fans weren't directly involved in the conflict.

    Check out the video of the whole thing, plus aftermath, below. You can hear and see the refs rewatching the fight and discussing who should be called for what, which is very cool.