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    Sometimes, Quarterbacks Are Completely Hilarious

    Poor Matt Schaub: it's tough having the ball all the time.

    Matt Schaub, pictured above, is having a rough day. Besides the fact that Houston's being routed by New England, he's had a pair of very unintentionally hilarious plays.

    First came this fumble, which was caused by, uh — well, it's unclear. It's unclear why he fumbled. He just kind of did. At least he got it back!

    Later in the drive, Schaub wouldn't be as lucky. Actually, you know what? I'm not sure luck has anything to do with this. This is just a laughably terrible pass.

    Here's video of both plays.

    It's OK, Matt. You're quite successful and very wealthy. Also:

    Jared Wickerham / Getty Images