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Slogans For Canada's Basketball Team

Multi-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has been named General Manager of Canada Basketball, whatever that means. Since the country's making this big basketball push, we figured they could use a new slogan, too.

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Steve Nash is the new GM of Canada Basketball. In the NBA, a GM acquires and manages personnel for a franchise; a country, on the other hand, has a pre-set pool of players to choose from. So, who knows what the hell this will actually involve, since providing “the leadership and inspiration for a program that is blessed with a wealth of emerging talent” isn't a concrete job description.

Also, he's got his work cut out for him — according to FIBA's release on the signing, Canada lost all of its games at the 2010 FIBA World Championship and came in sixth at last year's FIBA Americas Championship in Argentina. But Canada has some legit talent, including rookie Cory Joseph of the Spurs, Gonzaga alum Kelly Olynyk, Kevin Pangos, Dyshawn Pierre, and biggest of all, rookie Tristan Thompson, who was drafted fourth overall in 2011 by the Cavs.

When you hire a new GM, though, a new slogan can go a long way toward getting the people even more excited. We've got some ideas, but FIRST: our new logo for Canada Basketball!


Without further ado:

— CANADA BASKETBALL: Field Goals Are Like Hockey Goals

— CANADA BASKETBALL: Less Confusing Than Football

— CANADA BASKETBALL: Kind Of Socialist

— CANADA BASKETBALL: Better Than Mexico

— CANADA BASKETBALL: Steve Nash Will Be Our Point Guard Until He Dies

— CANADA BASKETBALL: Not Can't-ada Basketball

— CANADA BASKETBALL: This Is So Hopeless

— CANADA BASKETBALL: You Guys Can Have The Raptors Back

— CANADA BASKETBALL: A Little Better Than The Raptors

— CANADA BASKETBALL: You Don't Have To Wear Pads

— CANADA BASKETBALL: Did You Know That Neil Young's Canadian

— CANADA BASKETBALL: At Least We're Not The United States

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