Sick Boy Uses Cool Robot To Throw Out First Pitch From 2,000 Miles Away

    Technology: not all bad!

    Because of a rare blood disorder that has weakened his immune system, Nick LeGrande can no longer attend baseball games. So, for his 14th birthday, his family got creative.

    The LeGrandes and Google built an miniature, indoor baseball field at his grandmother's, along with a sensor that detected his movements. The movements controlled a robot, seen here being wheeled out in the A's stadium.

    At home, LeGrand threw the ball. And at the stadium, the robot mimicked his motions, throwing out the first pitch of the game. A's catcher Ryan Cook, who caught the pitch, helped facilitate the whole thing.

    Players and fans gave him a standing ovation as he looked on through a video monitor.

    Check out the video of the whole thing, courtesy of MLB, below.