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    Premiere: Gotye Pal Kimbra's Joyous Live Video For "Settle Down"

    With her new album Vows making its stateside debut tomorrow, Kimbra is ready to strike out on her own.

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    Everyone knows "Somebody That I Used to Know." Gotye's minimalist lament of a torpedoed relationship has reached everywhere and everyone. Its success has been helped along by its gorgeous video, in which our hero is painted with sharp shapes and sings off against his former lover, played by New Zealand singer-songwriter Kimbra. The fact that, in less than a minute, Kimbra so completely steals the show from the talented Gotye is a testament to her own burgeoning fame, and with new live video "Settle Down" — filmed at Bardot Hollywood on April 16 — we can see it in full force.

    For "Settle Down," a cut from her album Vows — which makes its stateside release tomorrow — Kimbra strips down lounge-soul and reassembles it as bouyant pop. Like a more conventional Regina Spektor, Kimbra channels formless whoops and hooting into her dynamic vocal performance, and her presence on stage has the energy of an excited animal. It's fun as hell and serves as a likely sign that will be seeing much more of Kimbra from here on out.