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    Oscar-Worthy Acting Helps Push NBA Playoff Game Into Overtime

    Tony Allen gathering the hardware on this one.

    During the fourth quarter of tonight's Spurs-Grizzlies game, Memphis erased a double-digit deficit steadily over the last eight minutes. But the pivotal moment came here:

    Down by four, Tony Allen goes for a layup and is fouled hard on the arm by Manu Ginobili. He writhes on the ground, clutching his head. A flagrant foul is called, seemingly owed as much to Allen's reaction as the foul itself.

    But it turns out upon further review that Allen's head never even touched the hardwood. Not that it didn't look like the fall hurt — it did. It's just that Allen's reaction didn't make a lot of sense.

    He continued to sell it to the officials as they reviewed the flagrant, and sure enough, the ruling was upheld. Allen made both free throws, the Grizzlies kept the ball, and Mike Conley hit the game-tying jumper.

    The Spurs would go on to win in overtime, though, and in a perfect moment of Ball Don't Lie, Allen airballed a three-pointer by a good foot-plus. Karma never sleeps.