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    NFL Prospect Faceplants Gloriously, Still Runs A Great 40

    Shamarko Thomas has invented a new way of running.

    Shamarko Thomas (great name) is an NFL prospect out of Syracuse. At the NFL Scouting Combine today, he ran his 40-meter dash, and on the first one, he fell down. Hard.

    Like, right on his face.

    And the best part: he ran a 4.42, which was the fastest of any safety at the Combine. Even though he fell down. On his face.

    Shamarko Thomas is inventing a new way of running. Finish by falling on your face.

    The best part: Shamarko Thomas ran his next 40 slower even though he didn't fall on his face that time. So remember: fall on your face when you finish running.

    H/T to Doug Farrar at Yahoo's Shutdown Corner