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    "Mexico" Is A Top-25 College Basketball Team, Apparently

    The University of Mexico? Mexico State? Mexico Tech? Or just some confused television producer?

    A reader provided us with this screencap of a recent college-basketball television broadcast. Something seems... off.

    Hmm. What could it be?

    I'm just not sure.

    Oh. I think I got it.

    Wait, Mexico doesn't have a college basketball team! But the University of New Mexico does. Sounds like some intern is going to get a talking-to.

    This harkens back to when an Olympic official famously denied a New Mexico resident tickets to the Atlanta Games in 1996, uttering the legendary line, "Sir, new Mexico, old Mexico — it doesn't matter. You still have to go through your country's Olympic Committee."

    So to review, here's a good rule of thumb.

    H/T to Ross