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Make-A-Wish Kids Beat An MLS Team In The Most Heartwarming Soccer Game Ever

Ahhhhhhhhh my soullllllllll

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The Portland Timbers MLS team faced their stiffest competition of the season recently: the Green Machine soccer team, starring Atticus Lane-Dupre, an eight-year-old cancer patient.

According to Deadspin, a remarkable 3,000 fans turned out to see the game, which was arranged by Make-A-Wish.

It started off cordially with some handshakes, but you could tell the Timbers were nervous.

And the Green Machine, led by Atticus, started off strong early.

But the Timbers rallied, and for a while, it looked like the momentum could turn...

Until a key ejection swung momentum back in the direction of the Green Machine.

Atticus sealed the deal with one key goal —

— and then another, this one giving the Green Machine a 10-9 win.

Now, this kid right here — this kid is a real hero. And one hell of a striker.

Raise that championship log. You've earned it, in more ways than one.

Watch the whole video here, courtesy of the Timbers.

H/T to Tim Burke at Deadspin

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