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    Posted on Dec 7, 2012

    LeBron James Finished A Rare And Beautiful Double Alley-Oop


    The Miami Heat are colloquially known as the "Flying Death Machine." If you're wondering why, look no further than the GIF below.

    Ray Allen hurls the ball from near half court to the leaping Dwyane Wade, who's too far from the hoop to do much on his own. Instead, D-Wade tosses the ball in front of the rim — as he's traveling past it, mind you; that's no small feat on its own — and LeBron's perfectly set up to finish the double alley-oop. A play like this requires timing, control, and freakish athleticism; fortunately, those are things the Heat have in surplus.

    Here's video of the play. The Heat, #2 in the East, are tied with the #1 Knicks 53-53 at halftime.