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    Lance Armstrong Didn't Cry To Oprah Until He Talked About His Children

    The one moving part of an otherwise bizarre and unsympathetic interview.

    Late in the second part of his interview with Oprah, Lance Armstrong described finally admitting to his children that he doped.

    To his son, Luke, Armstrong said, "If some kid says something to you, do not defend me. Just say 'Hey, my dad said he was sorry.' He said, 'OK. I love you, you're my dad, this won't change that.'"

    This was the point during his two and a half hours speaking with Oprah where Armstrong appeared genuinely remorseful — he teared up and had to stop speaking multiple times. At the very least, it's an exercise in imagining what it would be like to be the child of Lance Armstrong, or someone like him,, and having your father tell you that he was not who you, and the rest of the world, thought he was.