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Kevin Durant Got Dunked On By A Seriously Average Bro

I mean, Carlos Delfino is a seriously average *NBA* bro, but still.

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In the third quarter of Mondays' Rockets-Thunder game, the Thunder were up by 7 when Carlos Delfino nimbly nabbed the ball from the Kevin Martin.

As Delfino takes off down the court, you can see NBA superstar and post-humanoid Kevin Durant tracking him like a cheetah with GPS. The only way this can possibly end is Durant blocking Delfino back into the preseason.




Superbly average NBA bro Carlos Delfino jammed all over the godlike Durant. Unsurprisingly, the Rockets' bench went berserk, including Jeremy Lin, who was out with an injury.

And Delfino gave a look like "DAMN RIGHT I CAN DO THAT," even though he was probably thinking about whether he could do that again give 1,000 more tries. (He probably could not.)

The Rockets pulled out the win, extending the series to a Game 5, and Carlos Delfino has at least one moment of these playoffs that he can cherish forever.