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Jimmer Fredette Attempted The Weirdest Basketball Shot Ever

Spinning 360 degrees and then jumping off one foot DOES NOT help your chances of making a buzzer-beater.

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At the end of the Kings-Pistons game on New Year's Day, the Kings were down six but had the chance for one last play. Jimmer Fredette got the ball and did... this.

Jimmer: take the contact! Get fouled! Go to the line! Don't... do... this. I mean, it's not like this shot could've won the game, so maybe he just wanted to end up on the highlight reel or something. At that, he has succeeded.

On the bright side, Jimmer Fredette deserves to be a candidate for Most Improved Player this year, and he's begun to play much more like he did in college than during his disastrous rookie year. This shot aside.

Here's video of the shot attempt: