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    It's Death From Above 2013, Basketball Style

    The Pacers are playing above the rim like fighter jets with big basketball-dunking hands.

    First: press play.

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    Now, with Death From Above 1979 playing, let's look at Death From Above 2013. Wednesday night, the Pacers rained holy hell on the heads of the Atlanta Hawks during their playoff win, starting with this Roy Hibbert jam.

    He didn't just put Ivan Johnson on a poster. He put him on a 70-foot-tall billboard with WARNING written at the top of it.

    Not to be outdone, high-flyer Gerald Green went baseline and absolutely obliterated Hawks star Josh Smith. Smith is 6'9" — Green made him look 4'2".

    The Pacers won the game 113-98, taking a 2-0 lead in the series. RIP, Josh Smith and Ivan Johnson.