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    Posted on May 9, 2013

    Is High-Five Heat Fan Even Worse Than Middle-Finger Heat Fan?

    An embarrassing team effort.

    By now, you might have seen this remarkable photo from last night's Bulls drubbing by the Heat.

    That image is legendary on its own. (What makes it even better is that the woman with the middle-finger in question is Filomena Tobias, who was once accused of murdering her fourth husband.)

    But the saga doesn't end there. Right after Noah's ejection, and after Tobias shoved her finger into his face, the camera cut back to show the fans. A man points at Tobias, as if to say, "Was that you?" And then he starts clapping.

    Then he starts shaking his fist. This dude's stoked. This dude is proud of his fellow Heat fan.

    Then — wait for it — comes the kicker: the high-five. Here is a guy who thought that some woman sticking her middle-finger into the face of a professional basketball player was so rad that she deserved a HIGH-FIVE.

    After the high-five, he went back to applauding. We have no idea who this guy is, but one thing is for sure: he probably doesn't own a lot of books.

    Here's video of the crowd scene, as well as the raging Taj Gibson ejection from the game that followed Noah's. Note his apparent number of uses of the word "fuck." We have it at six.

    View this video on YouTube

    Game 3 is Friday in Chicago. Wonder what kind of reception the Heat will get there.