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    How To Sneak Into The Super Bowl

    Two Savannah State students accomplished the impossible: they sneaked in to the world's biggest sporting event.

    These two Savannah State students — code names "Kobe" and "LeBron" — set off to do a very difficult thing: sneak into the Super Bowl. Without tickets. Because, you know, tickets cost like, $1,500.

    (How did I know their code names were Kobe and LeBron? Well:)

    Upon arriving in New Orleans, their journey began, and they faced an early obstacle: one million policemen standing around everywhere. Except, the police had no interest in them — Kobe and LeBron just walked on past.

    When they started off, they were a long, long way from the Superdome, where the game was held; it's that purply spaceship-looking structure in the distance.

    If you want a one-word answer for how to sneak into the Super Bowl, that word would be "tunnels." There are many tunnels involved.

    The second obstacle our heroes face is when they come out of a tunnel and a cop is basically like, "What the hell are you guys doing?" They say they're filming a documentary. The cop goes to check something. They run away.

    This is where we first start to see large amounts of Super Bowl #branding. That's how you know you're getting close when you sneak into the Super Bowl.

    Where there are tunnels, there are also staircases. This is Newton's First Law Of Sneaking Into Sporting Events

    Even after all of this tunneling and staircase-climbing and cop-evading, though, the Superdome remains so very far away. Sneaking into the Super Bowl is not for the faint of heart or body.

    "Dude, you think we're getting closer?" "I don't know, man, but I do see this purple light everywhere." (They didn't actually say this, but I did, to myself.)

    At this point, as they near the objective, Kobe and LeBron's feats start to get more and more impressive. Here, an attendant lets them into another peripheral building.

    But why? Why does that person let them in?

    Ah, yes. They're carrying a box. Good reminder here that if you are carrying a box, people will assume you are carrying it for a reason. (For your sake, hope they don't assume that reason is related to domestic terrorism.)

    Even after all this, they still seem so far. They seem so far. So far. So far... away.

    Except, once you've gotten past a certain point, you can basically just walk across a huge empty parking lot to get to the Super Bowl. Also, climb a loading dock. Nice #branding, Mercedes-Benz!

    Clearly, the hardest part about sneaking into the Super Bowl is getting near it. Once you've breached a certain ring of access, the assumption becomes that you are supposed to be there, not that you aren't.

    And at that point, you just walk into the game —

    — and take a seat. This is a great money-saving technique. You might also get arrested. But if you don't: great money-saving technique.

    Here's the full video.

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